Free Vasectomy

Reduced cost and free vasectomies are available at Planned Parenthood clinics across the US. Contact your local clinic to see what is available. Each state provides different funding levels to PP for this procedure-many states such as CA and WA fund Planned Parenthood with a decent budget for free or reduced cost vasectomy procedures.

56SD currently funds vasectomy procedures only in the state of Colorado. However, for informational purposes, we provide the following information for how to find one in other states


North Carolina:

The following Colorado Front Range clinics currently offer vasectomy for under 300$. If you can afford this, we recommend contacting one of them and scheduling a procedure for yourself rather than going thru our qualification process

Fort Collins Family Medicine                                                             Jeffco Family Planning
970-495-8800                                                                                          303-239-7078

Inner City Health Center
Douglas Fairbairn

Additionally, 56SD will pay for some or all of your procedure depending on your qualification status. Please understand that demand is very high right now (7/12) and our funding status is limited. This is why we encourage checking with your local health clinic before coming to us.

It is important to be informed about this procedure before considering it.  Take a look at our resources for a detailed description of the procedure along with its potential risks.

If you are convinced that this procedure is for you, take the next step and fill out our survey form to see if you qualify. After submitting a brief questionnaire, we will contact you shortly with a definite answer as to whether or not you have been approved for a low-cost or free procedure

IMPORTANT NOTE-For Washington residents with low income, the Take Charge program is available for low income residents.  Any Washington resident unable to make a copay for a procedure will be required to apply for vasectomy  thru this state funded program prior to approval by 56SD. Their approval process is fairly fast and designed to help low income men and families in the state of Washington.

These providers work with 56SD as independent contractors and are not affiliated with us in any other way.  They cannot make statements concerning this free offer.

Please remember that this is a limited time offer.